St Paul's Link project

Artist impression of the link

The Link project proposes to make the buildings work better and to be sustainable in a multitude of ways for the breadth of the 3017 local community and church members.

The main part of the works involves infilling the area between the existing Listed Church and the adjacent Church House.

Refer to the Statement of need.

Refer to the existing drawings.

Refer to the proposed plans.

Fund raising


Look out for regular events that will take place to raise funds for the link project, including the quiz, craft events and Brian's sponsored walk.

Coast to Coast walk

Starting 7th June, Brian Williams is walking the Coast to Coast path and raising money for the link project at St Paul's Brompton on Swale. You can follow his journey as he sends pictures for his blog.

For more information and an opportunity to sponsor him please take a look at Brian's just giving page or take a look at his facebook page.