St Mary's Bolton on Swale


The church is a Grade II Listed Building built on the site of previous Norman and Saxon structures. The present building was erected during the early 14th century and was enlarged and restored by George Fowler Jones in 1859. An unusual stone roof exists in the vestry which seems to be a portion of the original Saxon structure.

In the church yard is the memorial to Henry Jenkins who is reputed to have lived to be 169 years old.


Due to COVID-19, all services are now online with groups and events postponed until further notice.


The following events usually take place at St Mary's.

    • Refreshments - coast to coast walkers - will resume when permissible
    • Open Pantry - will resume when permissible - in the mean time contact 07980276226
    • The Carpenter Chapel and its link with Kiplin Hall
    • Open2All - happens in St Mary’s

Faculty plans

This is a Public Notice Form which is part of the faculty application form for the removal of asbestos from St Mary’s Bolton-on-Swale

Click on the images to access each of the forms as PDF

Faculty Form 1A

Faculty Form 4a

Faculty form 7 completed

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