St Paul's Brompton-on-Swale


Built in 1838 this Church started its life as a chapel and schoolroom. It was re-ordered over 30 years ago and now provides a light, airy, delightful building for worship, we now have seats in the centre of the church instead of pews, which makes the building accessible for all kinds of worship and activities. As a parish we worship in one church building every week in turn, beginning with a 9am followed by a 10.30am service. As a gatheredy Church community we have a vibrancy and life which relies on the Holy Spirit to equip and to guide us into being Church fit for 2030 and beyond.


The church entrance on the north side is accessible for wheelchair users by portable ramp. We are in the process of making the building better to access for those with disabilities, by opening up a door on the south side of the church building and linking this area to the old school house, which we are hoping to use as our Parish Hub, to administratively equip and enable the whole parish.
There is a church hall at the back of church, which at this time is undergoing a process of discernment on how to use the space effectively into the future. The hall does have a fully accessible toilet with level access to the building.


The following events take place at St Paul's.

    • Refreshments available - will resume when permissible
    • Open Pantry - Open 9-3 Monday to Thursday time contact 07980 276226
    • Groups which meet in St Paul's:
      • Brompton on Swale Ladies Choir meet most Wednesday evenings
      • Line Dancers Monday 5.15pm-6.15pm
      • The Hub Cafe takes place every 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 10.00 - 12.00 within the church building.
      • Worship 4 
      • The church is can be hired for special occasions, please contact for further information

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